About the Artist

Lennox© skiing with his two daughters in Manitoba, Canada.



Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Lennox© grew up admiring sweeping prairie landscapes, never-ending clear blue and often frigidly cold skies. He began drawing pictures for friends when he was barely old enough to hold a pencil, and soon realized that painting came naturally to him—so began his career. His path ultimately brought him to the Southern United States, where he resides today with his wife and two daughters. To ignite artistic inspiration Lennox© travels extensively, further seeking calming landscapes that become the essence of his SereneArt™.

Lennox© paints with emotional impulse, and from clear blue skies and cheerful tones to uncluttered, iconic scenes of noteworthy settings, his paintings invoke memory and display an easily recognized, uniquely calming style. He’s captivated by the effects of light, and both manipulates and scatters perceptions, and his works exhibit influences of both realism and impressionism. Each piece he creates has an uncanny ability to impress upon patrons in a personal manner.

Lennox’s© diversity in the art world has included commissions by major corporations and governments at a variety of levels, and his work is cherished by collectors around the globe. His stance is that art is an investment not only to be revered, but one that increases in value with time, and Lennox© believes art should be accessible to everyone. He’s seeking to make it possible for youth and people of varied incomes to enjoy both collecting and proudly displaying fine art.