Jackson Square

Nestled in the center of the French Quarter, the lively Jackson Square is one of New Orleans’ most recognizable landmarks.

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Canvas Art - Gapstow Bridge Central Park NYC

A Snowy Gapstow Bridge

Spanning a narrow neck of the pond in the southeast corner of Central Park, Gapstow bridge's rustic stone construction blends in with the surrounding landscape having just received a blanket of snow. The spot, popular for photography, offers a variety of scenic views. To the south is the dramatic skyline of Central Park South; to the North lies Wollman Rink, and to the west is the rugged wooded Hamlet sanctuary. Artist Morgan captures the purity and gentle peace of a snowy day in this peaceful representation. Below the rustic curvature of the bridge, the pond is not yet covered in ice, and a badling of ducks float silently on the surface as if to say, "look at us; we too are a part of all this beauty."

In this image, contemporary artist Morgan renders the iconic skyscrapers in a solid gold glow emphasized by a backdrop of darkening skies.