My family and I started G.O.A.T with a vision to create beautiful, affordable artwork that captures the unique charms of individual places across North America. Our goals are to help people preserve memories of the places they love, to give back to society, and of course, to take top-notch care of our valued customers!

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G.O.A.T Art Studio in East Tennessee.


For many years, my Husband has run a busy advertising agency where I supported him between spending time volunteering for charities and tending to my family's needs. With Covid-19 besetting the globe in 2020, my family faced many unexpected changes - one of which was spending many more hours together, just the four of us in our own house. We had often dreamed of starting a less hectic family-based business doing something we all enjoyed and could give back to society. Hence G.O.A.T. was born!

When we were living abroad in Canada, a local artist from Winnipeg painted many beautiful images of the city, which were very popular as prints and art cards. Sadly he is now deceased and leaves behind the legacy of his artwork. We have rarely seen quality collections of affordable art that represent other cities and popular destinations such as our National Parks. So we thought, let's create them ourselves!

My Husband and Daughters work together as artists to create all of the artwork, and I run the day-to-day to oversee production and shipping + all things managerial. The print materials we use are carefully curated for quality, with everything being created in the U.S.A. We guarantee you will love your G.O.A.T art piece, or we'll refund you in full! We appreciate your interest and support, and don't forget that 5% goes back to charity!