Jackson Square

Nestled in the center of the French Quarter, the lively Jackson Square is one of New Orleans’ most recognizable landmarks.

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Patrick Sullivan's Saloon Downtown Knoxville Watercolor Painting

Patrick Sullivan's Saloon

Patrick Sullivan's Saloon operated from 1888 until 1907 when Knoxville banned saloons. Following that, the structure was home to several enterprises, including a boarding house, a bordello, an upholstery shop, and most famously Armetta's Ice Cream, which operated here successfully in the 1920s and 1930s and whose advertisement is still visible in faded paint on the wall. Sullivan's Saloon has been called the best surviving example of a downtown saloon in the southeastern United States.

In this charming piece of Art, Morgan captures it as it stands today (The Lonesome Dove Restaurant), which serves up exotic American fare, plus innovative cocktails, in the upscale rustic-chic space.