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St Vincents’ Young Island: Rejuvenation For All!

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St Vincents’ Young Island: Rejuvenation For All!

A floating bar just off of Young Island.

The uncluttered draw of St Vincent Island and the Grenadines is palpable from the moment you eye the first green enclave from a tiny window of your tarmac-bound flight. The underdeveloped, low-peopled 32-island chain is not a highly-frequented amalgamate of islands, but they’re all alive with everything any traveler requires to spark inspiration in any facet of life. 

The islands, stretching ever so slightly southwest in a nicely-lined string—starting from the large hub of St Vincent on down to the foot of Grenada—are positioned at the tip of South America, slightly west of Barbados. St Lucia, to the north, has been a well-traveled tourist destination for many years, but those seeking a restorative setting with a magical substratum are drawn to St Vincent and the Grenadines for their well-afforded offbeat spirit and neighborly hospitality.

One barely-mappable private island a 5-minute ferry (or swim) from the southern side of St Vincent is a fortress for digital detox and relaxation enjoyable enough to be content with pulling every plug imaginable.Young Island, an elusive isle told to be exchanged for a horse more than 300 years ago, is now under the care of Vincentian owners who’ve structured the resort, surroundings, and available activities to all carry vestiges of rejuvenation. The island, which appears to be a minuscule dot off the coast of St Vincent, is like stepping into a sanctuary shrouded from the fast-paced rest of the world—even the rest of the nearby Grenadines.

Catch of the Day—St. Vincent West Indies

Catch of the day, St Vincent West Indies.

The food on Young Island could be the only thing that sufficiently snaps you back into very temporary reality. The understanding that the colorful vegetables, seasoned striploin, and fresh catches of delicately prepared fish convey some sort of vague association to the outside world is only momentary, thereafter subdued by the friendly smiles of the Caribbean natives and fresh drinks with locally grown fruit.

The surroundings may as well induce time-travel. A network of trails bisects across 35 acres, and you can cover the tiny isle corner to corner but feel as if you want to spend a few lifetimes taking in and truly understanding each tree, bird, and grain of sand stuck to your feet. Transitioning to what’s below brings you into the throws of otherworldly dimensions, with each passing fish creating a rainbow of life that further escorts you towards the heart of the island. Looking out onto the bustling coast of St Vincent, it feels as if you are sharing a tiny alcove with a few strangers that found the hidden key to peaceful autonomy.

Sitting on the beach for hours letting the sound of the surf wash over yourself, you’ll feel a sense of freedom staring at the iconic floating bar and landscape across the beach—the image melds itself into your mind as a permanent fixture.